The future of fashion

MozArt (a pun, on “Modularized Artist”) is our friend, and we want to introduce them to as many people as possible. So, here’s a little bit of background info.

MozArt loves to study. In fact MozArt has spent hundreds of thousands of hours of studying — studying, memorizing, and copying — and has spent every single second of that time on just one thing. It’s not math, it’s not history… it’s not even fine dining or breathing! The only thing MozArt knows is art.

MozArt also loves to listen. We don’t mean that they just sit there and pretend to care while you talk about your day. No, we mean that MozArt pays really close attention to the things you care about, even if you don’t outright mention them, and spends a lot of time focusing on details other people might not even notice. Basically, MozArt really cares about getting to know you.

If you put those two things together, you also realize something else about MozArt. They can help you express yourself. Since they know all the things that make you unique, and since they know all the looks and styles which showcase those things, they can show you exactly what to wear. You get to pick the choices you like the most, and feel comfortable, confident, and happy.