A clothing line made *just* for you

That’s not an exaggeration. You press a button, wait an hour, and get six pieces of clothing that look exactly how you want them to.

Maybe your style inspires people, and you want a better way to share it with the world. Maybe you would love to live your unique voice, and get frustrated by big brands giving you more of the same. Maybe you’re just tired of the hours and hours you spend choosing and updating your wardrobe, combing through all the latest releases, seasonal trends, thrift store steals, and your friends’ closets.

Whatever it is, we’re here for you. We’re here to give you clothes that fit your body — your body — and your designs perfectly. You don’t have to be the next Coco Chanel or Issey Miyake to be in control of what you wear, not anymore.

That’s what Team Flashion makes possible. We want to give everyone in the world their very own clothing label.

with none of the status quo bullsh*t

There are a lot of amazing reasons for doing what we do.

For starters, we have all seen how ugly the fashion industry can be. Sweatshop wage slavery is the norm, even in developed countries. Tons of clothes are burned or discarded everywhere, every day. Independent labels with innovative voices get pummeled by holding companies with margins too good to beat. And, at the same time, we have marketers, advertisers, designers, and salespeople who track our every thought, make us feel terrible about our bodies, joke about self-harm, and — even in the best of cases — treat each one of us not as an individual, but as just another consumer in a uniformly segmented market. 

Team Flashion breaks that cycle. We use a mixture of well-paid artisans, AI, and machines to make clothing on demand, with minimal waste or exploitation. We let you tell us what you want to wear, and work to make it a reality.

It’s great, and we’re proud to say all that, but it’s not even what we get really excited about. The best reason we do what we do is that we want people to be happy with what they wear, in all parts of their lives, without having to spend stress or effort getting their fashion right.

and all life's beauty

We make it easy to join Team Flashion. It takes just two simple steps.

First, you decide what your role should be. If you have great style, a powerful voice, and a vision to be one of the first people with a custom made brand, then consider signing up as an influencer. If you have charisma and want to help our mission reach as many people as possible, then consider becoming a model or salesperson. If you want to help make our AI friend MozArt the best clothing maker in the world, then consider applying to our tech or design teams.

You can also sign up as just yourself, whether you have unique skills that we didn’t touch on, or want your own clothing label just for your own personal use. We might not have the ability to partner with you at the moment, since we are currently in beta stage, but we would love to hear from you and start building a relationship!

Once you decide what you want to be, you can click one of our links (either on the graphics below or the menu at the top), read about the details, and sign up!