Team Flashion x Red Cross

We’re partnering with the American Red Cross on their convalescent plasma initiative, which distributes blood (antibodies) from recovered Covid19 patients to critically ill patients in need. This will not solve the pandemic, but if it saves even one person’s life, it will all be worth it.

Good vibes and smiles are contagious. 100% of our profits from our store will go directly to Red Cross blood initiatives during this time!


About Us

At Flashion, we believe in giving every individual the opportunity to have their own clothing line and label. That’s not a metaphor or hyperbole. We want you to be the only person who has control of what you’re wearing so you can express what makes you unique. In addition to our design chops, Flashion provides a suite of e-commerce and social media tools that you can use to seamlessly gain brand exposure and efficiently monetize your aesthetic.

Our products are made to order, plastic neutral and help provide for disenfranchised communities in developing countries. We‘re so excited to work with you to disrupt the status quo and reclaim the individuality that should be at the forefront of any creative endeavor. Join the team and get in touch with us any time at

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